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Pneumatics - Air Compressors

New Air Compressors

We offer Ingersoll Rand rotary screw compressors and Hydrovane rotary vane compressors, both brands of which are industrial quality and offer either fixed speed or the very latest ‘variable frequency drive’ energy saving technology. Wrekin also have a vast range of piston compressors for domestic, trade and professional applications, whether it be vehicle spraying or car garage tyre shop.

For applications such as fencing with nail guns, we can supply a petrol driven air compressor which is portable for work on site.

Fully Reconditioned Air Compressors

Fully reconditioned air compressors is a speciality of ours. Carefully selected units reconditioned and tested with great care. A six months parts and labour warranty is offered in a 50 mile radius and subject to a service agreement with Wrekin Pneumatics.

Hire Compressors

Whether for breakdown, temporary air supply, long term or short term we are able to offer a fleet of compressors to suit.