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Pneumatics - Fittings

Wrekin Pneumatics stock and distribute a vast array of pneumatic hose and fittings, all of which can be found on our online store ready for next day delivery.

Fittings including:

  • • Brass (nickel plated available) hose tail, hose repairer, nipple, reducing bush, socket, plug, cap, locknut, elbow, tee, ‘Y’ piece, crosses and manifolds.
  • • ITM and Norgren Enots compression fittings in metric and imperial sizes.
  • • Aignep and Wade compression fittings can also be found on our online store for next day delivery.
  • • Aignep push on fittings.
  • • Vast range of ITM and Burnett & Hillman hydraulic adaptors.
  • • Parker, Walterscheid and Voss hydraulic compression fittings hydraulic steel tube.
  • • Parker ‘twin ferrule’ and ‘A-Lok’ metric and imperial stainless steel compression fittings and stainless steel tube
  • • Galvanised and black malleable pipe and fittings. From top quality brands Crane and EE.
  • • John Guest ring main, plumbing and underfloor heating systems.
  • • ITM nylon body, Aignep all metal, Parker Legris nylon body LF3000, John Guest metric and imperial food grade push in fittings.
  • • Norma Polyamide and Acetal push on fittings range.
  • • Tefen Nylon push on fittings hosetail and threaded range.
  • • Polypropylene non-magnetic two touch fittings.