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Floor Polishing Machine Hire

Floor polishing and single-disc machines can be used to clean, buff and polish a variety of different floor surfaces including hardwood, tile, marble and other types of industrial floor. Not only does a floor polishing machine help to protect the surface and keep your floor cleaner for longer, but some single-disc machines can even be used on textile machines such as carpet.

Regardless of whether you're a professional or not, we always recommend that follow expert cleaning advice whenever you're looking to clean a floor covering.

Extremely versatile, a floor buffer machine operates through the rotation of rotary brushes that dislodge dust and dirt to leave behind a polished and protected surface. Before hiring, it is also important to understand the different types of floor cleaning machines, so for smaller, residential areas a dual brush floor buffer will be most suitable due to the machine being lightweight, easy to handle and able to work in the tightest of spaces. Larger floor polisher and single-disc machines are more commonly used for cleaning larger surfaces. Ultimately, their speed and efficiency makes them a popular choice within schools and hospitals.