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Hepco Motion Linear Motion Components

HepcoMotion offers a wide range of linear motion systems and automation components including linear bearings; linear rail and linear guides; ball screw assemblies; and drawer slides.

Ring Guides, Track Systems And Segments

HepcoMotion offers a unique range of track systems, rings, ring segments, and ring disks. The rings and ring disks can be used as a cost effective alternative to slewing rings. Hepco track systems have significant advantages over traditional conveyor belt systems.

Linear Actuator Systems

HepcoMotion offers a large range of linear actuators including ball screw actuator systems, pneumatic actuator systems, electric linear actuator systems and belt driven actuators.

System Solutions And Motion Control

HepcoMotion’s in house design team is experienced in providing designers with complete linear motion solutions. If you require a gantry system, XYZ system or X Y System, Hepco has the solution for you.

Aluminium Profile Construction System

HepcoMotion’s range of aluminium extrusions provides a cost effective and simple alternative to welded frames. The range includes our machine fencing system and Hepco’s bespoke storage solutions.

MCS Aluminium Profiles

Hepco’s range of Aluminium Profiles include brackets, flexi connectors and accessories to enable complete frames to be constructed from components, without the need for drilling or machining. The use of aluminium profiles as an alternative to welded steel frames can reduce material costs, improve flexibility and reduce assembly time.

Zimm Screw Jack Systems

Screw Jacks are the ideal product to push, pull, lift, lower and position object loads. HepcoMotion offers a range of Screw Jack systems by ZIMM.