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Wrekin Pneumatics are an Official Distributor for the wide range Norgren pneumatic equipment in Telford, Shropshire and West Midlands area.

Norgren Have a vast range covering cylinders and actuators, valves, vacuum equipment, air preparation (filters, regulators, lubricators), Enots fittings, Herion process valves, Mortonair valves and actuators, Watson Smith precision regulators and valves.


Norgren offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive ranges of pneumatic actuators. Norgren’s range of pneumatic actuators is one of the industry's most comprehensive. Their actuators are suited to standard industrial automation or specialist applications such as food & beverage and rail.

Air Preparation

Familiar air preparation product brands such as Olympian and Excelon are well used throughout industry globally. Norgren have been at the forefront of air preparation innovation for over 80 years. Their filters, regulators and lubricators are used throughout the industry globally and their new dryers continue to deliver quality and reliability.


Norgren fittings provide leak free or minimal leaks thus ensuring reliable operation of system components combined with energy savings. Fittings, tubing and accessories are essential components of any pneumatic system and our extensive range meets the needs of many diverse applications.

Pressure Switches

Choose from Norgren’s extensive range including switches and sensors, electro-mechanical and electronic, pneumatic, vacuum, hydraulic and allfluid, analogue and digital/binary options. We have a comprehensive range of pressure switches, providing different options for converting pressure changes into an electrical signal. Our range includes electromechanical and electronic switches suitable for pneumatic and all fluid applications.


A range of vacuum components, for use in a wide variety of applications such as manufacturing, materials handling and packaging. Our vacuum range includes single or multi-stage vacuum pumps, flat and bellows cups, vacuum switches and accessories.


A wide range of pneumatic and fluid control valves for many applications. Manual, mechanical and solenoid operated in a variety of mounting styles. Norgren are a market leader in process valves which can be found in a variety of applications worldwide. Our valves can be electrically or pilot operated, handling clean or contaminated fluids, with body and seal materials available to suit all applications. Proportional control is essential when you need the flexibility to control the output pressure or flow in an application. We have an extensive range of proportional valves including analogue and digital, open or closed loop and flow or pressure control. We have a globally acclaimed range of pneumatic valves ranging from those used in standard industrial applications to more specialist products including high pressure and stainless steel versions.