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Reinold Max

Fire extinguisher spray. Ideal for extinguishing electrical equipment up to 1000 volts, ordinary combustible materials, cooking oils, cooking fats and flammable liquids. Stops the fire but also prevents re-ignition.


Reinold Max STOP FIRE 500g & 750g is quick and effective against extinguishing fires in their formative state. Design approved by TUV Rheinland Tested after 2 PfG 1227/06.08

  • Household
  • Garden
  • Car
  • Boat, Caravan, Camping
  • Workshop
  • Electrical

This product is environmentally friendly, small, easy to use and inexpensive. STOP FIRE has a three year maximum shelf life. STOP FIRE can be used multiple times and is recyclable.

For use with the following fire types:

Class A

Solid materials such as wood, paper, plastics, textiles

Class B

Flammable liquids such as solvents, gasoline, diesel, alcohol, wax, paint

Class C

RoHS : conform

Sizes: 500g & 750g